Our Staff

Board Of Directors

Lauren Wong, President

Laura Welsh, Vice President

Sandy Smallwood, Secretary

Patricia Sullivan, Treasurer

Directors: Aaron Fleet, Carrie Jandura, Louise Peterson, Diane Pires, Julia Scoville, Leslie Vernon

Spirit Team

Davorka “Dada” Suvak Founder/Executive and Program Director, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
 “SPIRIT is my vision and vision for over 25 years, which became alive first in Croatia, and continued living and growing as SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program, Inc. since we came in 2005. My vision of helping healing and personal growth through interactions between people in need and horses realized itself through SPIRIT’s Mission. It is my life and I am living it.”

Dada Suvak
Registered PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor & Executive/Program Director

Lauren Wong

Registered PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Sue Bell

Registered PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Pamela White

Registered PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Laura Welsh -Instructor in training

Joanne Morgan-Instructor in training

Aaron Fleet-Instructor in training

Ioana Mărcuș, PhD, LPC, NCC
Equine Assisted Psychotherapist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Ioana Boie
“I came to Spirit in 2012, and was intrigued by their values, missions, and had a good friend therapist, Veronica already working with Spirit. I quickly fell in love with the wonderful horses, volunteers, and truthfully, I’ve enjoyed working with Dada. Dada and her vision to share the love for horses with people and to serve our community has been truly inspiring. Spirit has become my family away from home.”
Elizabeth Porter-Moran
EAGALA Certified Mental Health Specialist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
“Spirit  has true respect for the value of the horse- human relationship. Dada’s passion for this work is evident in the endless energy she puts forth to incorporate programs at Spirit that support the positive outcomes of the horse-human partnership’

Sarah Flemings –Assistant Instructor

Rachel Van Horn –Assistant Instructor

Sarah Bayley –Assistant Instructor

Ayah Syeed – Assistant Instructor

Thomas Bayley –Assistant Instructor

Phoebe Nichols-Assistant Instructor

Boris Suvak

Farm, Facilities and Equipment Manager

 “SPIRIT, same as MOGU (same program we founded in Croatia), needs a person “behind the scene” to take care of facts of real life, like building facilities, maintenance work, horse care, IT, and roles and duties, which, as SPIRIT grows, belongs to volunteer team, but coordination and supervision, management is still the same.”

Carrie Jandura and Kris Montagne
Volunteer Coordinators
Michael Smith
“Charmed by Dada and her charisma to help Spirit professionally. It only took one look at the eyes of the kids on horseback to realize Spirit was special and doing good for the community.”