SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program is dedicated to healing the body, mind and spirit and providing activities, where we educate the participant on life skills.  We promote awareness, by utilizing the interaction between humans and horses – on the ground or in the saddle.  Our participants can apply these skills in their lives, beyond the barn.
At SPIRIT, we use horsemanship and Equine Assisted Activities to reach therapeutic goals for a wide range of disorders, to improve basic self esteem and to teach about communication, trust, responsibility, partnership, and empathy.

We are a nationally recognized, fast growing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


The vision of SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program, Inc. is to create a strong positive and stable environment that fosters the healing, growth and personal development of our participants and staff, using interaction with horses.


  • Integrity: Striving to do what is right for our clients, community and profession. Ethics, fairness, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our practice.
  • Passion: Passion for what we do and the drive to excel in every aspect of our activities leads us in our work.
  • Quality: Excellence is seen both in the services we provide and in the results we attain.
  • Respect: Respecting the dignity of all, regardless of level of ability.
  • Professionalism: Taking pride in our work and aspiring to be the best we can be; continuously learning and improving our performance.
  • Possibilities: Believing that nothing is impossible.

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