Our Horses

We are proud of our horses horses which have been rescued or given as donation. Taking care of them is part of our program activities for participants of all ages.


Spirit is a Virginia Highlander mare,  spirited but reliable in therapy with little ones. Small, strong and willing to serve, she replaced first Spirit the mare with her shape, color, and attitude.


Glory came to SPIRIT as a donation. She is a Morgan mare and she is a former barrel racer. Glory is a hard worker and a beautiful mover. Strong in her body and her personality, she is great in therapy for riders of all sizes and shapes, as well priceless teacher when is about horsemanship and riding activities.


Buttercup is a sweet palomino pony. She is a big person in small body. This mare is perfect partner for any instructor to teach about trust, boundaries and private space.


Huckleberry is one of not too many geldings in our herd. Like Buttercup, small, but smart and strong in body and mind. The best pony to learn about love, trust and also reliable partner in trail rides at fields of Frying Pan Farm Park


Skye is a Haflinger mare, whom we rescued from Camelot Horse Auction in New Jersey. Beautiful body and movements, she is always seeking for reliable leader to confirm that there are no dragons around 🙂


Cecelia aka Cece is a Standardbred mare who came to us from Central Virginia Horse Rescue. She has a great history of racing and few years she was professional mom for new generation of racing Standardbreds. We rescued her and her powerful personality now rules at the herd. Cece is sharing Alfa Mare position with Glory, but younger and stronger as she is, she is holding #1 position.


Coco is our smallest pony but she has a big heart and a caregiver’s nature. She is a true professional and fantastic with all the young riders, as well as new horses in a herd. Coco is the first one to greet them and to protect anyone from bully geldings 🙂


Samson is one of our rescue horses from an Auction House in New Jersey. Standing at over 18 h, he is a big Belgian Draft horse and very popular among our riders. This gentle giant is the most popular partner for selfies, and as partner in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions.


LADYLady is a rescue mare from an Auction House in New Jersey. She is a great mover and willing to work. She is a sweet mare, with tons of potential in any kind of horsemanship, therapeutic and learning programs


Infinity (show name Pine Oaks Infiniti) aged mare who was with SPIRIT from early days of beginning of our program. Infiniti has a regal air and noble presence. She is blind in her right eye but gets along just fine. Her best friend Sally can usually be found standing to Infiniti’s right where she serves as her right eye. Together they teach powerful lessons about teamwork and caring for our friends.


Sally, aka Salome, is another rescue from an Auction House in New Jersey. She is young, sensitive, gentle and eager to work with students. She is very bonded to Infinity and rarely leaves her side. She has appointed herself the job of serving as Infiniti’s right eye. We are excited to see all the lessons that Sally and Infiniti will teach about friendship, trust and teamwork.


Max is a registered paint horse given to us as donation .  He is a very calm gelding and a beautiful mover! Strong, reliable and nice looking, he quickly won several fans within our staff, volunteers and students.


Grace came from a kill buyer’s pen in PA. She is a sweet mare and absolutely gorgeous.  She is gentle and happy to have a new home. Her presence in our herd is priceless. Young and willing to learn and grow, she is perfect partner for important life skills lessons.


Sadie is a registered Morgan mare (registered name RH&MJ’s Saddie Girl).  She is a rescue from a kill buyer’s pen together with Grace.  Unlike almost all rescues, we know a little about her history!  She worked for most of her life driving in Amish country Pennsylvannia.  She is a calm, confident, and smart mare who is eager to work!

We can’t forget our four-legged friends who have moved on from our program, but that were every bit as inspirational and instrumental in making SPIRIT what it is today.

We are also grateful for the wonderful years of friendship, teaching and teamwork with our herd members:
Lucinda,Mercy, Stitch, Holiday, Frederica, Solveig, Charlie, Tessa, Colby Dylan, Honey, Larissa
Anastazia a.k.a. Annie, Sonny, Milton a.k.a. Santos, Louie (Leader of the Band), Angel and
And of course, our founding pony team member, Spirit the Mare #1. She is the namesake of our program and though she has passed on after years of hardwork and dedication, we still remember and cherish all the memories she gave us.