Our Horses

Contact us, if you want to support one of our equine heroes – spiritinfo@spiritequestrian.org


Meet our horses here:

Luna, has been donated to SPIRIT in 2020 at the age of 9. She is young, smart, noble, well trained, mature and overall adorable mare ready to change the lives of our children and youth in community we serve. Thank you Whitney for choosing SPIRIT as Luna’s new home <3


 Glory – strong, smart, skilled, proud and workaholic, one of queen mares, Morgan mare, born and trained in the Midwest, knows all – from driving, barrel racing, to dressage and showjumping; reliable with the most difficult riders in Therapeutic Riding Program, and always ready to serve


Spirit – wise, patient, energetic when needs, master mare, donated, versatile in different disciplines, from dressage to showjumping; she is the most favorite pony for the youngest students, careful in walk, trot,or canter, safe and fun to ride


Infinity – the oldest  mare, in SPIRIT herd, but  still the brightest mind, teaching about boundaries and connection in every interaction, and wise enough to open any gate at the Barn. Has history of making a party for the whole herd by opening the feed room

Samson – loyal, protective, strong, patient, lovable, former plow horse, trained and owned by Amish, saved from auction, learned about saddle and riders fast, famous for his skills in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


Sally – tolerant, loves her job, patient and careful, rescued from auction, has tons of experience as schooling horse, she loves her job and she is on top of the desirable horses in TR class



Coco – big person in small body, nurturing personality, always standing up for weak and scared ones, donated, has experience as “Birthday Pony”, she is perfect match for the youngest riders in Therapeutic Riding Program



Huckleberry – strong, extremely smart pony, donated, has experience at trick riding; reliable to improve confidence of any rider to make a transition from leader and side walker scenario to independent riding



Buttercup –  little mare with lots of personality, safe and reliable, requires respect from handlers, donated with Huckleberry, also history at trick riding, now she is the master to safely teach independent riding in walk and trot



Max – big boy, strong, reliable and quiet, donated, former “husband horse” with lots of experience in long trails, recently learned to work as vaulting horse, compete in dressage and do jumps, beside taking care and being reliable at Therapeutic Riding, exploring additional job as  co-therapist in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy



Grace – young, talented, energetic, but smart and willing to learn, rescued from auction, came 8-9 years old and unbroken; learned fast and still learning new skills, canters smooth, jumps with style and courage




Sky – fun, beautiful, talented and shy at the same time, adopted from auction as only halter broke, Barbie Mare , willing and brave to jump anything and great dressage mover



Cecelia aka Cece – queen of the herd, strong, talented, proud and opinionated , adopted from horse rescue organization  after great racing career and breeding some foals, she often protects anyone in herd who is in pain or weak



Sadie – dedicated to her job to empower and teach, strong, beautiful, smart and patient, well trained and worth of gold despite of being blind

We are also grateful for the wonderful years of friendship, teaching and teamwork with our herd members who were with us for a while
Lucinda,Mercy, Stitch, Holiday, Frederica, 
Solveig, Charlie, Tessa, Colby Dylan, Honey, Larisa
Anastazia a.k.a. Annie, Sonny, Milton a.k.a. Santos, Louie (Leader of the Band), Angel,
Harmony and Lady.
And of course, our founding pony team member, Spirit the Mare #1. She is the namesake of our program.
We still remember and cherish all the memories she gave us.