Home for Spirit


SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program seeks to purchase the land we currently rent.
Renting the space we use makes our future unsafe and does not allow us to invest in needed improvements.

This is our  ‘HOME FOR SPIRIT’ project that will make a difference protecting the unique place and opportunity in the community for healing and learning life skills with horses. The goal is to provide a long term solution for continuing the services of SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program, Inc. at the public Equestrian Center in Frying Pan Farm Park.

‘HOME FOR SPIRIT’ is an ongoing project and will continue to be our main goal for the immediate future.

All funds raised here will be retained in a separate savings account with a designated purpose: as a down payment, renting fee, or for facility/land improvements to accommodate SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program.

Gifts of Cash

A cash gift is a simple and easy way for you to support the on-going work of SPIRIT.

Some of the potential benefits of cash contributions:

  • An immediate impact on our mission today and for the future.
  • A charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

Make Your Gift Online Now!

It’s easy. Just click here and complete our online donation form. Your gift will be processed quickly and safely using a secure server.

You can also find out more about ‘HOME FOR SPIRIT’ and donate here.

Send Us Your Gift By Mail

You can send us a check or money order.

Our address is
SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 1342
Great Falls, VA 22066

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about making your gift, please contact us by clicking here to send us an email with your questions or comments.

Gifts of Stock or Securities

Many donors support the work of charitable organizations through gifts of appreciated stock or other securities.

Such a gift provides a double benefit:

  • An significant contribution toward SPIRIT’s ongoing mission today and in the future.
  • Benefit from a charitable tax deduction, normally for the fair market value of the stock or securities at the time of the gift, while generally avoiding capital gains taxes on the contributed stock or securities.*

If you are interested in making a gift of stock or other securities, please contact us today.

Gifts of Real Estate

Many friends of charities have benefited from a gift of real estate, sometimes including a building or other structure.

Benefits from this type of gift include:

  • Valuable support for SPIRIT’s mission and efforts to find a permanent home for the program.
  • A charitable deduction, normally for the fair market value at the time of the gift, and if the real estate has appreciated, the gift to a qualified public charity generally avoids capital gains taxes.*

Other Contribution Options

In addition to donations of cash and other types of property described above, some donors undertake more complex contributions, such as charitable bequests, certain types of charitable trusts or annuities, and other types of long-term planned giving.  If you are interested contributing to SPIRIT’s on-going work through one of these types of arrangements, please contact us.  We would be happy to work with you to achieve your particular objectives.

*For more specific information about the tax implications of any contribution, please consult your tax advisor.