We need your help to keep our service at the Frying Pan Farm Park long term sustainable.

Having own farm will help.

We have a dream and we are making it real. Just need a little help from you

SPIRIT is a lucky owner of 8 acres of raw land just 12.4 miles from the current operation site at the Frying Pan Farm Park

And We Could Not Have Done it Without You!

We need your help to develop it and build Sully Farm as promise that SPIRIT will last and serve community in a future.

Let’s build Sully Farm together!

Having a Sully Farm operating SPIRIT will have:

    • Ability to sustain and grow current programs at the Frying Pan Farm Park
    • Opportunity to develop more and different programs which  can not be delivered at the public place
    • Opportunity to rotate horses at the Park, adopt and train new horses to assure continuing service to the community
    • Space for a gathering place for organization, space for therapy, classroom and storage for all Spirit assets which can not bee keep at the Park
    • Opportunity to build a real Home for SPIRIT


‘HOME FOR SPIRIT’ is an ongoing project and will continue to be our main goal for the immediate future.

All funds raised here will be retained in a separate savings account with a designated purpose: to develop our land  to accommodate SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program.

Thank you for all your support!



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