The Spirit mission is to provide therapy, learning and improvement of life skills healing of the body, mind and spirit – using Equine-Assisted Activities.

EIN# 20 8492941

If you want to register for Park Beginners Class EAL or Therapeutic Riding Classes: Contact Frying Pan Farm Park at 2709 West Ox Road • Herndon, Virginia 20171 • 703-437-9101

For other programs and services, contact spiritoep@gmail.com

Thanks to Fairfax County Park Authority and whole community, SPIRIT Horses and barns moved into the field at the Frying Pan Farm Park.

SPIRIT Community is grateful for the opportunity to provide our services at the Park

We look forward to serving our community at Frying Pan Farm Park, perfect accessible and affordable site for Equine Assisted Therapeutic and Educational Programs. 
In order to assure self sustainable long term future of Spirit at Frying Pan Farm Park we purchased 8 acres of raw land just 12.4 miles from the operation site at the Park.
It is undeveloped land and we need your help to create Home4SPIRIT at Sully Farm, Compton Rd Centerville.

What this means for SPIRIT and community we serve

    • Ability to sustain and grow current programs at the Frying Pan Farm Park
    • Opportunity to develop more and different programs which  can not be delivered at the public place
    • Opportunity to rotate horses at the Park, adopt and train new horses to assure continuing service to the community
    • Space for a gathering place for organization, space for therapy, classroom and storage for all Spirit assets which can not be kept at the Park
    • Opportunity to build a real Home for SPIRIT


 For more information on the current schedule, upcoming activities and events, and the latest SPIRIT news, please visit the SPIRIT Blog!

Welcome to SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program!