Singhal & Co., Inc. (SCi)

First Nonprofit Foundation

Washington Forrest Foundation

Alice Shaver Foundation

The Loyola Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Patricia and Mr.Huey Sullivan

Ms. Michelle Lewis

Ms. Nancy Brandon

Ms. Claire Hosker

BSB Energy Services

The National Academies

Viena Lodge1896

Ms. Courtney King White

Ms. Susan V. Adams

Ms. Sue Bell

Ms. Robin Rentsch

Ms. Rebecca Thompson

Ms. Ramsey Pavitt

Ms. Miriam Tsantes

Ms. Mary Tartaglione

Ms. Laurie Armstrong

Ms. Karen L. Jones

Ms. Joan Z. King

Ms. Jean Edelman

Ms. Hedy Glenn and Mr. Wayne Schiffelbein

Ms. Gwyn Whittaker

Ms. Florence O. Dougherty

Ms. Diana Kalin

Ms. Cindy Kohler

Mr. Tim Fitzgerald

Mr. Stuart Mendelsohn

Mr. Richard Smith

Li Sha and William Grahrmann

Hoof and Paw Veterinary Service, Inc

Herndon Woman’s Club

Griffiths Familly

Frying Pan Farm Park

Fairfax County Park Authority


Don Shipley

Difficult Run Pony Club – Ms. Myra McKittrick

Bacas Family Foundation

*and many  more 

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